Sunday, 14 January 2018

Streatham next for parking survey

People living in Streatham are going to be asked whether they want a controlled parking zone to tackle the problems of parking congestion.

A survey of Streatham Hill was carried out in November and now residents of three other wards are to be asked their views: St Leonard's, Streatham Wells and Streatham South.

People will be asked:
  • Do you feel you have a parking problem?  
  • Would you be interested in being consulted on a CPZ for your road?
  • If, no, would you be interested in being consulted on a CPZ for your road, if your neighbouring road/s were being consulted on a CPZ?
  • Do  you have any additional comments?
Controlled parking zones tackle congestion caused by commuter parking (a particular problem around railway and bus stations) by introducing permits for residents' parking and daily charges for visitors. Proposed charges would vary, with the most polluting vehicles paying more.

The consultations follows a 'parking stress survey' which measured parking congestions on streets in Streatham. The residents' survey is due to take place in February-March.


  1. First of all, the boundary between st leonards and streatham south runs down the middle of Greyhound lane, so you can't do one without the other, as people using Streatham Common station will just park on the other side of the road. then if you do both, they will park in the vale..
    Any other venue or establishment that created the parking problems like the station does, would be closed down and lose its licence to operate.
    We should push Southern and network rail, to address THEIR problem.
    Why should every resident pay £300 a year for a permit, to keep others out..?
    why should i have to pay over £5 for someone with a car to visit me.
    This is a TAX
    we fought it before,and will fight it again

  2. Look carfully at the map, and look where streatham common station is..
    On the edge of two lambeth boundaries. (St Leonards and Streatham South) and with LB Merton, LB Wandsworth & LB Croydon all in walking distances.
    We need to stop pushing the problem around and address it.
    Streatham Common station has a car park that is not used..
    and they own Land where a car park could be provided if they didn't want to collect the rents from the timber yard.
    I had one commuter pull up with frost still on her windscreen.. so she didn't come far..
    we need to educate and inform people and discourage them from using the car to get to the train, Not discourage people (or price them out) of owning one.