Improving Streatham's accessibility

Streatham Green Party are working hard to improve Streatham's accessibility.

Although we love Streatham, there is a lot that needs to change to make it more inclusive for those with mobility impairments, older persons and parents and carers with buggies and prams.

Some of the inaccessibility has been down to the neglect of Streatham by successive Councils. Some is down to a lack of awareness and inclusive vision. For example, some businesses and shops on Streatham high road are still hard to access - even those that have been recently refurbished. There is a big lack of disabled public toilets in the area. The Streatham Odeon cinema is still largely inaccessible when it comes to the screens inside. Streatham Station is also inaccessible.

We are highlighting examples of good access in Streatham on this blog, but also some of the things that need to change in Streatham with regard to accessibility. But more than that we are campaigning for change. We will report back on how we are doing on this blog. In the meantime, you can read about some of our successes for example outside the Wellfield Community Centre.

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