Campaign to make the Junction at Mitcham Lane and Ambleside Avenue safe

Streatham Greens are campaigning to make the junction of Mitcham Lane and Ambleside Avenue in St Leonard’s Ward Streatham, safer after we were told that someone else would need to die or be seriously injured before action is taken.

Two people have died at this junction over the years. Local people report that in the 1980s a young man was killed. A few years ago a cyclist, husband and father was also killed here. We are greatly concerned that there may soon be another fatal collision.

One of the big dangers is traffic – particularly buses - travelling South down Mitcham Lane, jumping the lights when turning right into Ambleside Avenue. In doing so, they go across a pedestrian crossing used by many children each day going to and from St Leonard’s Primary School, when the Green Man is showing.

The time at this crossing is already too short for many people to get across safely, because of the mayor’s London-wide policy of shortening crossing times. This is something which particularly impacts those using wheelchairs, older people and children.

We have publicly highlighted how road deaths have trebled in Lambeth. We have reported drivers who jump the lights. We have also contacted Transport for London, who have responsibility for this crossing, asking what can be done and suggesting that a camera might be put in to discourage drivers from jumping the lights.

Their response was as follows:

"Red light cameras are installed at sites with a history of fatal and serious injury caused by red light running. To ensure that resources are concentrated at sites with the highest casualty history, a strict criteria is applied to potential sites. In the most recent 36 month period there must be a collision history at the junction, and on the same arm, of 1 killed or seriously injured (KSI) collision and 1 other personal injury collision (slight). Both of these collisions must have been caused by a vehicle 'Disobeying Automatic Traffic Signals' (running a red light).

"The London Safety Camera Partnership has looked at the collision data for this site and unfortunately it does not qualify for the installation of a red light camera."

So one person needs to be seriously killed or injured before they will take any action. We don't think that is a satisfactory response. We are therefore asking for three things:

- A longer crossing time so children, older people and those with mobility impairments have enough time to cross safely
- Effective monitoring and enforcement against those who jump the lights
- Rephasing of the traffic lights so more time is allowed at the junction for traffic to turn right

You can sign the petition here.


  1. I was driving back from work today and there was a queue just after the Streatham Ice Rink going towards Clapham Junction. Waze, my navigation app reported a minor incident so I thought it's only a minor collision between two cars, going from two lanes to one I see a collision "almost happen" every day there. I get home, open twitter and see this:

    "metpoliceuk: Mitcham Lane junction with Ambleside Avenue, SW16 remains closed following a fatal road traffic collision between a bus and pedestrian."

    They will probably listen now...

  2. Joey - Thanks for this. I have blogged an update on the campaign here: please do sign and share the petition (if you haven't already!)

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