Monday, 19 March 2018

TfL shares two ideas for changes to the A23 in Streatham Hill

TfL shared their latest thinking on plans to change the road layout of the A23 in Streatham Hill at a meeting with local residents last week.

A formal consultation on plans will take place in Autumn/Winter 2018/19;  so this was an attempt to take some inital soundings from the community on two different approaches they are considering.

Option 1: wider bus lanes and footways

Option 2: segregated cycle lanes

Friday, 16 March 2018

Housing in Lambeth - The Facts

The lack of genuinely affordable housing is one of the top issues facing London. Lambeth Council's approach - to fund new housing by demolishing council estates and rebuilding with densely-packed flats and houses, much of it to be sold to investors in the private sector - is not the only option.

The Labour-led council's pursuit of this approach - without the consent of the existing residents of council estates - is wildly out of step with many people in Lambeth. 

In the run-up to the local election campaign on May 3rd, many claims will be made by all political parties. Here Lambeth Green Party lays out some of the key facts - and their sources - so voters can check them out for themselves.

A Green Vision for Housing in Lambeth

View this as a pdf

A safe home that we can afford to rent or buy is a basic human need upon which all our individual and community wellbeing depends. 

And yet tens of thousands of people in Lambeth are currently in acute housing need, living in temporary or overcrowded, insecure homes – or forced to give over unaffordable amounts of their income in rent to landlords.

Thousands more who thought they had a secure home on a council estate – either rented or bought – are currently suffering great stress and uncertainty with the threat of demolition hanging over them.

Scott wins action on HGVs entering residential roads

HGV getting stuck in the side roads
Streatham Green Party team has won agreement from Lambeth Council to take steps to prevent heavy goods vehicles from entering residential roads to thte West of Streatham High Road.

Residents raised concerns last year about large articulated lorries using smaller streets as a cut through. This has resulted in lorries getting stuck and residential streets becoming congested and unsafe.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Have your say on changes to Pathfield Road, Public meeting Tues 20 March

Cllr Scott Ainslie: addressing residents' concerns
Following calls from residents to address rat-running and parking congestion on Pathfield Road Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie has secured a public meeting with council officers to discuss changes to the road lay-out on Tuesday 20 March. 

Public meeting
6pm - 7.30pm 
Tuesday 20 March
Scout Hut, 39 Estreham Rd SW16 5PQ

Scott has been raising with council officers the huge problems since the closure of Estreham Road to northbound traffic as part of a Quietways cycle route and pushing for them to be addressed.