Sunday, 7 January 2018

Mystery of police base petition that Mayor never saw

Green campaigners say goodbye to front counter staff
Mystery surrounds a petition set up by Labour councillors over proposals to close Lambeth police stations - including the base in Streatham.

Hundreds of signatures were gathered from residents concerned that the proposals from Mayor Sadiq Khan would leave the most vulnerable people without access to their local police.

Now a Freedom of Information request has found that while the mayor did receive petitions organised by other parties, the one set up and advertised by Labour councillors was never submitted at City Hall.

The closure of Streatham's front counter - and redeployment of staff - took place before Christmas, very swiftly after the official consultation by the mayor ended.

"It beggars belief that local Labour councillors didn't lobby the London Mayor to keep public access to Streatham's police base" said local campaigner Nicole Griffiths. "They have let the local community down. Greens will continue the fight to re-open Streatham's front counter service."

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