Thursday, 22 February 2018

Lambeth streets cleaned only once every two months - and the council doesn't know how many bins it has!

Information obtained by the Green Party has revealed that Lambeth Council only sweeps our side streets once every two months - and it doesn't know how many litter and dog waste bins it has, or how often they are being emptied.

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley - a candidate for St Leonard's ward in this May's local council elections - said: "Lambeth needs to get a grip on waste. These responses to questions from the Green Party cement once again the council's reputation as London's dirtiest borough."

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

New plans for Streatham Hill - as collisions rise again

Nicole Griffiths: Safer A23

Transport for London is to share its plans to improve safety on the A23 in Streatham Hill at an informal evening workshop on Tuesday 13th March.

The workshop comes as latest figures show collisions on the A23 through Streatham continue to increase. In 2016 there were 113 collisions between Streatham Hill, junction with the South Circular, and Streatham High Road's border with Croydon, including 10 crashes resulting in life-changing injuries. Thankfully, there were no fatalities.

The underlying trend, however, appears to be for increasing danger on the road. The five-year figure for collisions rose from 471 to 489, with serious injuries rising from 41 to 45 and deaths falling from eight to seven.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Have your say on proposed parking changes in Streatham

Have your say on Lambeth Council's proposals for controlled parking zones (CPZs)
throughout the south of the borough in St Leonard's, Streatham South and Streatham Wells.
Camden Council: Controlled parking zones
The council has sent letters out this week to every house holder and business containing a unique code which gives access to the survey where you can give your views.

The Green Party believes that residents and business owners should have the final say on the introduction of CPZ's in their area.

Have your voice heard and respond to the Survey by the closing date of  March 12th 2018.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Latest on Streatham High Road works week commencing 12 Feb

Latest news from TfL - thanks to Streatham Action's transport group - about the road works currently causing major disruption on Streatham High Road at St Leonard's Junction:

"The upshot of the Monday morning site meeting between Thames Water and TfL determined that ...  the building of a raised table at the junction of Gleneldon Road and Streatham High Road, alongside part of the work to the triangulated central reservation immediately in front of that junction ... will be able to take place in tandem with the repair to the leaking water pipe by Thames Water on the corner of Gleneldon Road.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

More details of planned roadworks for new safer St Leonard's Junction 12th Feb - 29 March

We have received more information about the work that is about to begin to make St Leonard’s Junction safe.

The improvements at the junction of Streatham High Road, Mitcham Lane, Tooting Bec Gardens and Gleneldon Road come after years of local campaigning to get safety concerns addressed.  It is a major ‘win’ for Streatham.  However there will be disruption while the work takes place and so your Green Party team will be working hard to ensure that this is minimised. 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

More road closures next week as work starts 12 Feb on new, safer St Leonard's Junction

TfL have informed us of how they plan to handle traffic disruption during the works to improve the safety of St Leonard's Junction, which are due to begin on Monday 12th Feb and continue until the end of March.

Bus passengers and drivers face nearly another two months of road closures and  diversions - following the unexpected road works caused by a burst sewer under Streatham High Road in January.

The works to improve the junction of Streatham High Road, Mitcham Lane and Tooting Bec Gardens are the result of long campaigns to make the road safer for all its users. It has been the scene of numerous nasty accidents over recent years, including two fatalities.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Recycling rates down - incineration up as Lambeth pollutes London's air

Lambeth Council have responded to a members enquiry sent by Streatham councillor Scott Ainslie revealing that they recycled an even lower proportion of waste in 2016-17 than in the previous two years. This is despite Lambeth Labour boasting of "improved recycling" in their "greener, cleaner borough" motion at their council meeting on 24th January.

The full details for the last three years can be found below:
2014/5 Recycling 25,977 tonnes (30.32%) Incineration 59,700 tonnes (69.68%)

2015/6 Recycling 26,047 tonnes (30.44%) Incineration 59,520 tonnes (69.56%)

2016/7 Recycling 26,795 tonnes (29.83%) Incineration 63,029 tonnes (70.17%)

The news comes in the week Brixton Road breached annual air pollution limits in one month.