Saturday, 11 March 2017

Greens support residents over water tanks eyesore

The Green Team's Nicole Griffiths and Cllr Scott Ainslie are supporting residents in Conyers Rd, who have been shocked by the size of new water tanks errected opposite their homes.

The size of the new storage tanks at the Thames Water treatment plant on Conyers Road are much bigger than residents had been led to expect from drawings shared with people before their construction.

With the residents, Nicole and Scott have been looking at the latest proposals from Thames Water to plant green screening around the site.

Scott is also working with other ward councillors to propose that Thames Water should fund a wider tree-planting programme in the area to compensate for the eyesore caused by the new water tanks.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Crash survivor joins campaigners to petition Mayor over A23 road danger

Nicola Wilding: survivor of a crash on A23
Crash survivor Nicola Wilding today joined Safer A23 campaigners to petition London Mayor Sadiq Khan for action to end the high level of deaths and injuries in Streatham.

Mum of one, Nicola, aged 40, who was born and brought up in Streatham, suffered permanent injury to her arm in a crash on the A23 in May 1999.

Today she joined Michelle Hammond, whose brother Francis was killed at St Leonard’s Junction in Streatham in May 2014. Together with campaigners from the Safer A23 campaign, they demonstrated outside City Hall before a meeting of the Greater London Assembly (GLA).

At the meeting there was a strong demonstration of political parties working together.  Florence Eschalomi (Labour) presented the 3,000-strong petition on behalf of the campaign, supported by Transport Committee chair Caroline Pidgeon (Lib-Dem) and transport committee member Caroline Russell (Green).

Monday, 6 March 2017

Sister pays tribute to her brother - killed on the A23 in Streatham

Michelle Hammond, dad Martin and step-mum Shirley

Francis Hammond was known at work as the Big Friendly Teddy Bear - a young, caring man who had overcome childhood difficulties to become a trusted and much-loved carer in a nursing home.

It was 6.30am on Saturday May 31st, 2014 that Francis, aged 27, crossed the A23 at Streatham’s notorious St Leonard’s Junction – on his way to work in Wandsworth - and was killed by a motorcyclist.

His death was one of seven serious or fatal collisions at that junction in less than three years.[1]

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bus garage blames drivers for hazardous parking on Streatham Hill


The management of the Brixton Bus Garage on Streatham Hill has replied to complaints about hazardous parking of buses on the A23 - by blaming drivers for not following the rules.

Up to 25 buses regularly park on the Red Route, forcing cyclists and sometimes pedestrians into the busy traffic - and blocking visibility for cars turning into Streatham Hill from Telford Avenue and Wavertree Road.

The junction is a hot-spot of collisions, including a number resulting in death and serious injury over recent years.