Monday, 29 January 2018

Scott leads Lambeth to become London's first plastic-free borough

Streatham councillor Scott Ainslie's proposal for Lambeth  to be part of the 'plastic-free pledge' has been passed – making Lambeth the first London borough to commit to phasing out single-use-plastics such as bottles, cutlery and drinking straws.

The Green Party councillor for St Leonard's ward proposed that the council should become a 'single-use-plastic (SUP) free' authority by the end of April 2018. A last week's full council meeting, Labour councillors toned down the wording with amendments which instead asked the council to 'explore' the possibility 'by the end of 2018'.

New resources won to tackle plague of fly tipping

Nicole, Scott and Jonathan highlight the 'plague' of rubbish
Pressure from the public and Green Party campaigners has won extra resources to tackle the problem of fly tipping, which has been  plaguing Streatham.

Three new environmental enforcement officers have been employed to investigate and enforce illegal flytipping throughout Lambeth.

Since their appointment on 2 October, they have issued 133 Fixed Penalty Notices for fly tipping offences, including 11 in the Streatham area. of which 4 were in St Leonard’s ward.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Scott wins action on Pathfield Rd congestion

Calls from residents for changes to the lay-out of Pathfield Road to prevent rat-running and parking congestion have been heeded with a commitment from the council to consult on road improvements over the next few months.

Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie has been requesting council officers respond to the problems, which have worsened since the closure of Estreham Road to northbound traffic as part of a Quietways cycle route connecting south Lambeth with central London.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Promise of 20mph on danger road outside school

Cllr Ainslie, Nicole Griffiths and Jonathan Bartley for 20mph

Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie has won commitments from Lambeth Council and Transport for London for a 20mph speed limit on Mitcham Lane, and changes to the crossing outside St Leonard’s Primary School to reduce the risk of children being hit by traffic.

With the school size due to grow from 270 to 470 in five years, many more children will be spilling out onto the pavement next to the busy road each day.

Head teacher Simon Jackson said, “Scott has been really good at quickly bringing all the relevant parties together to see the problems and discuss what is needed to prevent an accident."

More road works - as new St Leonard's Junction crossing to go ahead

News that the long-awaited improvements to St Leonard's Junction are to go ahead in February has come just as motorists are dealing with the nightmare of emergency sewer repairs closing the southbound A23 between Prentis Road and Shrubbery Road.

Green councillor Scott Ainslie, has been in direct contact with senior Transport for London managers to alert them to the need for traffic to diverted to avoid the gridlock in the centre of Streatham, which may continue for two weeks as Thames Water dig down to repair a sewer 5 metres below the road.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Streatham next for parking survey

People living in Streatham are going to be asked whether they want a controlled parking zone to tackle the problems of parking congestion.

A survey of Streatham Hill was carried out in November and now residents of three other wards are to be asked their views: St Leonard's, Streatham Wells and Streatham South.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Mystery of police base petition that Mayor never saw

Green campaigners say goodbye to front counter staff
Mystery surrounds a petition set up by Labour councillors over proposals to close Lambeth police stations - including the base in Streatham.

Hundreds of signatures were gathered from residents concerned that the proposals from Mayor Sadiq Khan would leave the most vulnerable people without access to their local police.

Now a Freedom of Information request has found that while the mayor did receive petitions organised by other parties, the one set up and advertised by Labour councillors was never submitted at City Hall.