Thursday, 25 September 2014

New 'emergency' changes to parking following Streatham Hill bridge closure

Councillors have today (52 minutes ago) been emailed the following notice regarding new temporary parking restrictions, following on from the congestion to do with the bridge closure between Drewstead Road and Sternhold Avenue behind Streatham Hill station. The restrictions came into force yesterday.


1.    The Council of the London Borough of Lambeth hereby gives notice that from Wednesday 24th September 2014 for a period of up to 21 days vehicles will be banned from parking and waiting (including waiting for loading or unloading purposes) at any time in:-

         (i) Mount Ephraim Road:
              (a) the north side, between the eastern boundary of No. 6 Mount Ephraim Road and De Montfort Road;
       (b) the south side, (i) between a point 7 metres east of Blakemore Road and a point 6.5 metres west of Blakemore Road; and (ii) between a point 7.5 metres east of
            Brancaster Road and a point 11 metres west of Brancaster Road;

 (ii) Blakemore Road, (a) the east side between Mount Ephraim Road and a point 16 metres south of Mount Ephraim Road; and (b) the west side, between Mount Ephraim Road and a point 16.8 metres south of Mount Ephraim Road;

(iii) Brancaster Road, (a) the east side, between Mount Ephraim Road and the southern boundary wall of No. 29 Mount Ephraim Road; and (b) the west side, between Mount Ephraim Lane and the party wall of Nos. 2 and 4 Brancaster Road;

(iv) De Montfort Road, the east side, between Mount Ephraim Road and the common
      boundary of No. 24 Mount Ephraim Road and No. 25 De Montfort Road.

2.     It is necessary for the above parking/waiting restrictions to come into force without delay to enable the safe flow of traffic on diversion because of the temporary closure of the bridge over Streatham Hill train station (the un-named road linking Drewstead Road and Sternhold Avenue) while structural works to that bridge are being carried out and will only apply at such times and to such extent as shall be indicated by the placing of the appropriate traffic signs.

3.    While this notice has effect, the provisions of the Lambeth (Waiting and Loading Restriction) Order 1997 shall have effect as though (a) the length of road specified in paragraph 1 above is a restricted street specified in Schedules 1 and 2 to that Order; and (b) the prescribed hours and restricted hours relating to that length of road are at any time.

4.    The bans will continue by virtue of this notice for 21 days or until the works have been completed, whichever is the sooner.  If this is not possible within the period of 21 days, the Council may issue another notice or they may make a temporary order under section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, so as to continue the closure for a further period of time.

Dated 23rd September 2014

Abu Barkatoolah

Head of Transportation

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cycling improvements and countdown crossing at Ambleside Avenue/ Mitcham Lane Junction

We have continued to ask Transport for London to address the ongoing safety issues following repeated collisions (and fatalities) at the junction of Mitcham Lane and Ambleside Avenue.  This included a campaign which began in 2012.

This resulted in a review of the junction and proposals for changes and we have now received the following email from TfL (via Green London Assembly Member Darren Johnson's office):

Our proposals for this junction are currently at the preliminary design stage. The anticipated completion date for this early design work is  November 2014. The principal objectives of the scheme include the provision of:

·      Cycling improvements on all arms of the junction, including the installation of Advanced Stop Lines

·        Installation of Pedestrian Countdown

Furthermore, we are investigating light levels at the junction to ascertain whether any upgrade in this area is required, and we are also looking at the possible provision of a red light camera.

We will be consulting on our proposals with our stakeholders, and expect delivery of the scheme to take place July – September 2015.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Streatham Youth and Community Trust needs your vote!

Streatham Youth and Community Trust has been shortlisted for the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2014 in Streatham.

By encouraging the public to vote Streatham Youth and Community Trust has the chance to be awarded a grant of up to £3,000 from Lloyds Bank to enable it to continue to work with children, young people and their families.  

Voting runs 2 Sept – 10 Oct 2014.  This grant would go towards its adult support group.

The Trust has asked for the local community to get behind their bid -  through Twitter, website, e-zines etc and also of course voting for them!

The vote is now open and runs until 10 October 2014.  To voteTweet  #COMMFUND TMF or visit this page:   

A bit more about Streatham Youth and Community Trust...

In addition to  work with children and young people, it also runs an adult support group called Just Like Us. The group provides a place of respite for people with heavy responsibilities.  Many have caring duties which means it is difficult to get out of the house or take part in social activities leaving hem isolated and without friendship networks.  They are financially disadvantaged because caring can leave them unable to work or can disrupt career plans.  They can express feelings of depression, poor health, despair and worry about finance.  They feel unable to cope with life's issues because of poor mental health.  

The group meets for three hours once a week to take part in a planned programme of activities.  These include pottery, cooking, exercise, sewing and outings.  We also provide advice and referrals to other support agencies. It is one of the few respite drop-in groups in the area.  Members have described the group as a refuge or oasis.  It is a space where they can have time for themselves.