Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Our Streets (Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme) consultation tonight at Streatham Library!

Come and have your say tonight at Streatham Library on how you think £200,000 should be spent locally.

The Council has repackaged Section 106 money that was already coming to Streatham from the Streatham Hub development along with money from Transport for London into a Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme.  This has now been rebranded as an ‘Our Streets’ programme, and residents views are being sought as to how this money is spent.  (For more details on where the money has come from click here )

It’s really important you say how you would like to see this money spent, whether it be to address traffic issues such as safety, making the area greener, or tackling local grot spots.

What the money is spent on will depend on what residents prioritise. This is particularly important as local residents are also losing out while the programme is in operation. Not only has some of the money that was due to Streatham from the hub development been diverted elsewhere, but the council has also suspended its local road and pavement resurfacing programme while the project goes ahead, so local roads and pavements are not getting the attention they deserve.

The 'Our Streets' programme is expected to take 2 years. The first year will involve consultation and agreeing projects to take forward. Year 2 will be planning and implementation. Selected improvements should be completed by Summer 2017.

The drop in at Streatham Library takes place tonight (Wednesday 2nd December) from 6.00pm to 7.30pm.  Do come and have your say!   There is more information from the council about the programme here.