Monday, 29 January 2018

New resources won to tackle plague of fly tipping

Nicole, Scott and Jonathan highlight the 'plague' of rubbish
Pressure from the public and Green Party campaigners has won extra resources to tackle the problem of fly tipping, which has been  plaguing Streatham.

Three new environmental enforcement officers have been employed to investigate and enforce illegal flytipping throughout Lambeth.

Since their appointment on 2 October, they have issued 133 Fixed Penalty Notices for fly tipping offences, including 11 in the Streatham area. of which 4 were in St Leonard’s ward.

While these numbers over three and a half months are not significant, it is an improvement on the previous 17 months, during which only 35 fines were issued across the whole of Lambeth, with just four in Streatham and only one in St Leonard's ward.

The new team is also responsible for ensuring businesses are complying with their responsibilities to manage their waste. Since 2 December a total of 39 businesses across Lambeth have been fined for failing to do so.

Green Party campaigners Nicole Griffiths has met with Jason Prentis, who works for Veolia on behalf of Lambeth Council to help communities make their streets cleaner and more attractive. He has set up a Facebook Group called “Greening Streatham” for people to highlight problem areas – and to bring together anyone who wants to get involved in tackling the problem.

Nicole has also made it easier to report incidents to Lambeth Council by setting up a short-code for its dumped rubbish reporting webpage. It is easier for people to remember

Nicole says: "We realise these few steps won’t have an instant impact, but we are committed to tackling the issue – and continuing to bring pressure to bear on Lambeth Council be more effective at preventing fly-tipping and fining those who offend."

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