Saturday, 29 May 2021



After a year of limited access to our community spaces it is time to highlight and celebrate all the amazing growers 
around the borough!

 Incredible Edible Lambeth are excited to open the call for nominations for
2021’s Blooming Lambeth Awards.

 There will be £150 and £75 prizes to recognise these amazing projects

 Nomination details

Full details of the eight categories and how to nominate can be found
on the website

●   All nominations must be received via

●   You can nominate yourself or another garden but 
please do not ask multiple people to nominate you, as the number of 
times you are nominated doesn’t influence the voting.

●   Nominations must include: the name/description of the project, 
location (including postcode), a contact name and email, 3-5 really good photographs
(or videos, depending on the category) and an explanation of why the garden/project
has been nominated (forms are all online)


This is the fifth year that Incredible Edible Lambeth has run this event in its present guise. 
Winners will be announced at the Blooming Lambeth Awards celebration evening 
(virtual or real!) in October.


Incredible Edible receives financial support for this event from Lambeth Council


Award categories

All information about the eight categories can be found here


Prize details

This year there will be First Prizes of £150 and Highly Commended at £75


About Incredible Edible Lambeth

Incredible Edible Lambeth ( is a network of 
around 120 group members - mostly community gardeners - and 500 individual
members - food growers, food entrepreneurs and food activists
who are all working to improve our communities.
IEL exists to re-localise the food system in Lambeth so that it nurtures us and strengthens our communities. We do this by bringing in resources and funding, running programmes and services and advocating for our members and a more localised food system. 


A map of IEL member growing projects can be found here


Previous Blooming Lambeth Awards winners can be found here


Friday, 23 April 2021

Councillors help clampdown on anti-social behaviour - corner of Gleneagle Road/Ambleside Avenue

Residents asked local councillors to intervene after a hit and run incident took place on 16th October 2020. Watchful local residents had been reporting a series of near-miss incidents involving pedestrians crossing at this busy corner, which often has private hire car vehicles illegally parked on the double red lines.

We continued to report incidents of illegal parking to TfL (who are responsible for enforcing red routes across London's main road network); Lambeth Public Protection and Enforcement Teams and the local police. We were assured that Penalty Chare Notices (PCNs) were being issued to drivers who continued to ignore the double red lines.

We requested a permanent CCTV camera on the corner which could automatically issue fines hoping that drivers would soon get put off flouting the rules. However, we were told that such a camera at this location would cost £250,000 and that due to the impact Covid had on TfL's budget, that was unaffordable at this time.

We then raised a member enquiry of the Lambeth Public Protection Team to ask what they could do, not only to tackle the issues of illegal parking, but for all of the other anti-social behaviour that local residents had been subjected to for years. We asked for a permanent solution to these ongoing issues.

Here is the reply we received from the Service Improvement Team at Lambeth council:

Illegal parking  

Following your enquiry our Parking Team visited the area and have confirmed they are currently deploying officers to the location daily as requested including the night shift.

They have provided a record of PCNs issued in the area since February 2021(22 PCNs in February and 7 in March.) 

The Signs and lines at the location have been checked they were found to be at an acceptable standard and are enforceable.

It has been advised CCTV enforcement will not be necessary at the junction of Gleneagle Road and Ambleside Road as there are red route lines at the entrance joining to the double yellow lines (DYL) which are enforceable.

Anti-social behaviour/Non-compliance with Covid-Guidelines

The Public Protection Team (PPT) are continuing to tackle the issue by carrying out the following measures

PPT will schedule more visits with covid wardens to ensure covid compliance amongst local businesses.

PPT are currently coordinating regular partnership operations with public protection officers and the police, the first operation is expected to be carried out in May.

PPT advise residents to call 999 immediately to report harassment.

PPT advise residents to call 999 to report large gatherings.

PPT advise residents to complete the Lambeth webform to report  Covid-19 breaches.

Urinating in public spaces

The Highway Enforcement Team have confirmed they will be adding the area to our Hotspot List where frequent visits will be conducted with the view of deterring the street urination as well as to take the relevant enforcement action if anyone is caught urinating on the public highway by issuing fixed penalty notices. 


Our Waste Management Team have confirmed Gleneagle Road and the surrounding area was placed on their Top Ten Fly Tipping Hotspot list earlier this year, the area has been continually monitored by both the Environment Managers from Veolia and our Environment Enforcement Officers(EEO). Anti-fly tipping signs have been installed as a deterrent. In a recent meeting, it has been noted, the situation in the area has improved. The Team will continue to monitor and take further action against perpetrators where necessary.

Other Measures

We run a playstreetsscheme which allows for a road to be closed for a day or shorter. This is a good opportunity to observe what the impacts of a closure are and demonstrate what the advantages could be of using our streets differently. We encourage interested local people to apply. A street closure and community event can be a good opportunity to discuss potential closures to motor traffic with other residents and see what their views and concerns are.

As your ward councillors, Nicole, Jonathan and I would like to thank the officers and residents for continuing to be vigilant in this area. Together, we can make Streatham safer, fairer, cleaner and greener.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

!!URGENT!! Covid-19: All Lambeth residents should now get tested

Everyone over the age of 11 who lives or works in Lambeth is being asked to take a PCR Covid-19 test after new cases of the variant first identified in South Africa were found in the borough.  

The additional testing being introduced will help quickly identify any further cases and help limit any potential spread. Eight additional testing sites have opened across Lambeth from Monday and people are encouraged to get a test as soon as possible, even if they have no symptoms. 

It is important people take a PCR test as these can identify specific variants. Rapid lateral flow device (LFD) tests are also widely available but can only determine positivity for Covid-19, not specific variants. 

Tests are available across the borough, with details of your nearest test centre on the or by calling 119. There are also walk in appointments in Lambeth and home tests available

You can book online on someone else’s behalf if they can’t do so themselves. People who are unable to book online, and don’t know someone who can book for them, can call 020 7926 5559  from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm for help. 

For people who do test positive, Lambeth has a comprehensive Covid-19 self-isolation support service for those who need it. That includes payments of up to £500 for residents on low incomes. To find out more call 0800 054 1215, 9am to 5pm, seven days a week or visit

If you do have Covid-19 symptoms get tested at one of several symptomatic local test sites. You must book an appointment at or call 119. 

Residents are also being asked to get vaccinated if invited by the NHS for a jab. All residents must continue following national Covid-19 restrictions, which are currently at Step 2 on the roadmap out of lockdown. 

All viruses mutate over time and new variants emerge regularly. Lambeth is one of several boroughs in which small numbers of the variant have been found since the start of this year. All previously identified cases are now self-isolating and robust contact tracing has taken place to trace their contacts and ask them to self-isolate.  


There is currently no evidence to suggest this variant is more serious than others, or that the regulated vaccines would not protect against it.  Anyone who tests positive must self-isolate immediately and pass on details of their contacts to NHS Test and Trace when contacted. Positive tests will then be examined in a laboratory to determine whether any of them are the variant first identified in South Africa.   

The Director of Public Health for Lambeth, Ruth Hutt, said: “It is vital that all Lambeth residents take an asymptomatic PCR test so that we can identify all cases in order to stop the spread of this variant of concern.   

“Alongside taking a PCR test we are asking everyone who lives and work in the borough to continue following the guidance in place to stop the spread of Covid-19. That includes limiting your contacts with other people, washing your hands regularly and thoroughly, keeping your distance and covering your face.

“If you test positive for Covid-19 via a PCR test or rapid lateral flow test it is crucial that you self-isolate so you don’t pass on the virus.” 

Anyone who is over-18 and has no symptoms of Covid-19 can also collect up to seven free rapid response lateral flow devices (LFDs) per household when they take their test. These tests do not help track the variant first identified in South Africa, but are still useful in monitoring the spread of the virus, and stopping further infections. 

Lambeth has previously run enhanced testing in two areas in the borough after single cases of the variant first identified in South Africa were discovered. These pieces of work have been completed, and are not related to the new call for everyone in Lambeth to be tested. 

How to get a test

If you do not have Covid-19 symptoms 

You can get tested at a local testing site that is convenient for you, and you do not need to book.
There are two ways to get tested. You can either: 

·         take the test at the site, with help from staff if you need it 

·         pick up home PCR tests for you and any people you live with and bring them back once complete. You don’t need to bring tests back to the same site you picked them up from.


Sites where you can get tested, pick up home tests and return completed home tests



Opening times


Lambeth Town Hall, 1 Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW

8am to 4.30pm every day 


Brockwell Park

near Brockwell Park Café (use gate entrance on Brockwell Park Gardens), SE24 9BJ    

9am to 4.30pm every day 



Tate Streatham Library, 63 Streatham High Road, SW16 1PN

8am to 4.30pm every day  


St John’s Church, 73 Waterloo Road, SE1 8TY

8am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday


Sites where you can get tested or return completed home tests. You cannot pick up home PCR tests




Opening times

Brockwell Park

mobile testing unit near Brockwell Park Café, SE24 9BJ

9am to 3pm every day

Clapham Common

Windmill Drive, near playground, SW4 9DE 

9am to 3pm every day 

West Norwood

Waylett Place car park, 4 Waylett Place, SE27 9AE

Open from 12 to 3pm on 13 April and then 9am to 3pm from 14 April onwards


If you have Covid-19 symptoms 

The main symptoms of Covid-19 are a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste.  

If you have any of these symptoms, you need to stay at home and book a free NHS test. You can get a test delivered to you if you cannot get to a testing site. 

Monday, 12 April 2021

Rates of covid-19 infections in Lambeth

The number of covid-19 cases have dropped significantly in Lambeth to a rate of just 16 per 100,000 people.


Latest rate per 100,000 of population


16 (down 43%)


18 (down 21%)


18 (down 21%)


45 (down 28%)


26 (down 41%)


16 (down 36%)

Source: Evening Standard, 07-04-21 reporting on data from PHE London.

Further information on the rates of Covid-19 infection in Lambeth is available via the council’s data dashboard, here:

Despite lower infection rates and the ease in restrictions, Government advice is to maintain social distancing, wear a mask, wash hands and ensure that inside spaces are well ventilated.

Public Health England have issued a new leaflet with information about the Astra Zeneca vaccine, here:

Step 2 of the 'road map out of lockdown'


Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed last week that all the tests had been met to permit the transition to Step 2 of the ‘road-map out of lockdown’, effective from today, Monday 12th April.

The graphic below outlines what is now legal & permissible:

Further information can be found at:

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Project Eagle - Enhanced Covid-19 testing in parts of Streatham and West Norwood


Following an announcement by the Department of Health and Social Care, yesterday, Lambeth council is asking residents living in specific parts of the south eastern area of the borough (i.e. the area in and around Knight’s Hill ward, but also including  small parts of West Norwood and some streets in Streatham) - outlined in red on the map below, to get a Covid-19 test, whether they have symptoms or not, after the South African strain of the virus was detected in the local area. 

It is important to stress that this is an isolated case – it is not an outbreak.

The case was not linked to travel to South Africa, so the public health team are now working intensively with the Department of Health and Social Care to detect if there are more cases of this variant in the local area, as part of a ‘surge testing’ programme. You may have seen information on the media recently, where similar exercises have been carried out in places in London such as Ealing, Haringey and Merton.

Working in partnership with NHS Test and Trace, every household living in the specific area over the age of 16 will be strongly encouraged to take a PCR Covid-19 test over the next week or two, even if they are not showing symptoms. There will be 2 Mobile Testing Units (MTUs) in the area, which will be deployed to offer PCR testing, with teams working together to deliver thousands of home testing kits to local residents.

There is currently no hard evidence to suggest this variant is more serious than others, or that the existing approved regulated vaccines would not protect against it. In fact, the companies who have developed the three currently approved vaccines are already working to find out how they may need to be adapted to offer very high protection against the emerging variants of Covid-19. Just like the annual flu jab, this would mean tweaks to the vaccine would require an annual injection.

In combination with following the lockdown restrictions and continuing to wash hands, keeping socially distanced from others and wearing face coverings, this local testing of about 10,000 people in the area will help to suppress and control the spread of the virus, while enabling a better understanding of the new variant. 

Anyone living in the area who needs to leave home to attend work, school/childcare or undertake caring responsibilities can still do so in line with the current lockdown rules. This includes attending any healthcare appointments.

Only a very small number of cases of the South African variant have been detected in London. Positive tests will be tracked by Public Health England to identify any further spread of the new variant, enabling a better understanding of the variant itself and identifying if there are any more cases of this particular strand of the virus in the area.

If someone tests positive, they must self-isolate immediately and pass on details of anyone they have been in contact with to NHS Test and Trace when requested.

This is concerning news for all of us– especially if you live in the area, live very nearby or if you have visited recently. The aim of Project Eagle is to urgently detect any cases and help crack down on the new variant.

A map and postcode look up of the affected areas along with further details on this urgent programme of work can be found on the council’s main website, here: