Thursday, 9 April 2015

List of Streatham constituency general election hustings meetings

A few people have asked for a list of the hustings that are happening in Streatham, so I thought I'd do a post with them all on, and try and keep this page updated as new ones are arranged...

3rd Feb - Organised by Keep our NHS Public, Streatham Library

12th March - Organised by United Nations Association, Dunraven School,

25th March - (7.00pm) - Organised by Streatham Action, Heart Streatham, Save the Children. 38 degrees, at The Hideaway, Streatham High Road

7th April - (7.00pm) Age UK Lambeth (Streatham Library)

9th April (2.00pm) Wavel Court, 10-12 Leigham Avenue, Streatham, SW16 2PU

9th April (4.00pm) Lambeth Disability Forum Election Question Time 3rd Floor, 336 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AA

14th April - Organised by Love Streatham, Streatham Baptist Church, 7.00pm, 20-22 Lewin Road, SW16 6JR

16th April - (1.30pm) Organised by Lambeth College, at the Clapham Campus

23rd April - (7.30pm) Interfaith Hustings, at the South London Liberal Synagogue, Prentis Road

1st May - Organised by Hyderi Islamic Centre, Estreham Road, SW16

5th May - BBC Daily Politics BBC 2 Live TV Debate (not Streatham, but I'll be going up against Iain Duncan Smith (Con), Rachel Reeves (Lab) and Steve Webb (Lib Dem) in an hour long live TV debate on Welfare)

5th May - 8.00pm Hustings, White Lion, Streatham High Road, SW16

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Another day, another serious collision on Streatham High Road

I have spoken with police at the scene of this afternoon's collision.  It happened between a large vehicle and a pedestrian about 100 yards south of the St Leonard's Junction on Streatham High Road, about half way down to The Dip'.

The police I spoke to say they believe that the driver did not see the man, but the collision happened at fairly slow speed. Nevertheless the man was run over by the vehicle.

Police said they believe the injuries won't be fatal thankfully in this case, but that has still to be officially confirmed.

There was a fatality at that same spot several years ago.  There was also a fatality further up at the St Leonard's junction almost a year ago.

The campaign continues to make Streatham High Road safe.

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