Thursday, 6 December 2012

Decluttering Becmead Avenue and Ockley Road

As part of our drive to declutter the streets of Streatham, we have asked for two old metal poles to be removed at the junction of Becmead Avenue and Ockley Road.

We have been told that this should happen by the end of January. We will post an update here when it is done.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Update on resurfacing of Thirlmere Road and Shrubbery Road

Following our road audits of Thirlmere and Shrubbery Road which highlighted the problems with the road surface, we have now had confirmation that the resurfacing of these roads will take place in the next financial year 2013-2014.

Lambeth have told us that the exact dates have not yet been set so this could be anytime in the year after April 2013. We will provide an update here when we get more information.

The ramp that we requested be put in to improve access at the end where Thirlmere Road meets Tooting Bec Gardens has however already been done

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New ramp access on corner of Abbotswood Road and Hoadly Road

As well as pushing to get the surface of Abbotswood Road sorted out (it will now be resurfaced between 18-25 February 2013 according to correspondence we have been sent by Lambeth Council)we also asked for ramp access to be put in at the corner where Abbotswood Road meet Hoadly Road, opposite Streatham and Clapham High School.

As you can see from the picture above, anyone coming along that side of the road using a wheelchair would have been stranded and unable to cross the junction. This is something that really should have been sorted out a long time ago, but seems to have escaped the attention of our local councilors/ the council. But we are pleased to report that following our request in September this has now been done.

This is part of Accessible Streatham Campaign - in which we are working to make the local area more accessible for older people, those with mobility impairments as well as those with buggies and prams.

For other examples of where we have done this see these links here:

End of Riggindale Road

Outside Wellfield Road Community Centre

Thirlmere Road ramp access

Ramps on Tooting Bec Gardens

Pavement widening at the bottom of Tooting Bec Gardens/ Garrad's Road

Or more on our accessible Streatham campaign here.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Another collision at the Tooting Bec Gardens/ Streatham High Road/Mitcham Lane junction

No sooner had we updated everyone on TfL's new signal strategy for the junction of Mitcham Lane/ Streatham High Road and Tooting Bec Gardens and the safety review due in April 2013, than there was another collision at the junction.

It happened on Saturday afternoon/evening at around 5.30/5.45pm. It appears to have involved a car crashing into, and completely wiping out a traffic light at the top of Tooting Bec Gardens.

The traffic light was repaired this morning.

However this does again raise more questions about whether the safety review can really wait until next year. It needs to happen quickly and urgently. There was another collision at this spot at the beginning of November, and the traffic appears to have increased significantly at the junction following the closure of the Greyhound Lane Bridge.

[Update 5/12/12: Green London Assembly member Darren Johnson has tabled a question to the Mayor of London asking whether he will bring forward the safety review:

"Although TfL's decision to implement a new signal strategy at the junction of Tooting Bec Gardens/Streatham High Road/Mitcham Lane is welcome, in light of another recent collision here will TfL now urgently bring forward its safety review of this junction, currently scheduled for April 2013?"]

{Update 7/01/13 We have now managed to get the safety review brought forward. More details here]