Friday, 18 February 2022

RED weather warning Friday 18th February

The Met Office have issued a rare RED warning for wind in the London area between 10am and 3pm today due to fears of storm Eunice causing significant disruption and dangerous conditions due to extremely strong winds.

RED is the highest alert and means there is risk to life. Storm Eunice is the worst to hit London for 3 decades -

The Mayor of London has urged people to stay at home, not take risks and to not travel unless “absolutely essential”.

The Met Office recommends that you secure any loose objects such as bins, garden furniture, ladders or anything else that could be blown around.

Doors and windows should be closed firmly - particularly those to the windward side of the house - and especially large doors, like those on garages.

Vehicles should be parked in a garage, if possible - if not, make sure they are clear of trees, buildings, and fences.

During the storm, the Met Office advises that you stay indoors as much as possible. Don't go outdoors to repair damage while the storm is in progress.

If you do go out, it says, try not to walk near buildings and trees. The Met Office also recommends that you keep away from the sheltered side of boundary fences and walls - this is the side they will collapse on.

Keep pets inside if you can.

If you need to report storm damage, or a tree has fallen or has a low hanging branch, please call the council trees team on 020 7926 3542.

In an emergency, please call 999.