Friday, 8 February 2013

Loading bay on Fernwood Avenue 'no longer on the agenda'

We have had it confirmed by George Wright at Lambeth Council that the proposed loading bay on Fernwood Avenue is no longer being considered.

Residents in Fernwood Avenue were unhappy with the idea to place a new loading bay at the top of the road where it meets Mitcham Lane. It was originally part of the proposals for changes to the area at the top of Babington Road where it meets Mitcham Lane by Streatham Green and the Manor Arms.

The area is the location for Streatham's new fortnightly street market and the intention is to create a better public space for it, less dominated by traffic, more suited to host the market and other community events, and better connected to Streatham Green.

We have also heard that the deadline for consultation has been extended for a week at the request of local residents in Dr Johnson House and William Dyce Mews who apparently did not receive information about the consultation.

The aim is to undertake construction on site is late June-September to minimise disruption to the market.


  1. Please comment and send feedback via the Lambeth website ASAP. Lambeth have not formally consulted the largest social landlords (Housing Associations) who own the freeholds of Doctor Johnson House and William Dyce Mews. Babington Road residents will subject an increase in traffic volumes as entrance/exit routes are cut by 50%.

    There is a lack to clarity on the effect on the reduced amount of parking and how parking will be managed and effectively controled in what will become a large cul-de-sac.

    1. If willing to invest so much time and money on the upper part of Babington Road, then least take the opportunity to take parking into consideration, this development itself will only benefit the manor arms not local residents. How about maintaining the greenery area near the bus stop, aswell as having patrolled police before requesting for wooden tree seating. Really, wasting money on two trees when that can go towards parking permits for those who are residents that drive.

  2. This is an extract of an email sent to George Wright at Lambeth last Sunday, to which so far, I have yet to receive a response.

    There are already problems with un-authorised traffic flow into William Dyce Mews, and an even greater problem with anti-social behaviour - an increase/encouragement of pedestrian traffic will only increase the potential for this activity, often caused by the drinking ban on Streatham Green.

    Please can you let us know:

    1)Babington Road traffic data analysis (car movements) currently using Mitcham Lane exit/entrance to Babington Road and impact of all traffic using Babington Road into Ambleside Avenue.
    2)The reduction in parking spaces including space for vehicle turning.
    3)Any changes to parking controls in Babington Road, and strategies for reducing non-resident parking,congestion, and drop off (especially for access to the Mosque).
    4)Strategies to prevent non-resident parking and access to William Dyce Mews (as the end of the enlarged cul-de-sac).

    Look forward to hearing from you