Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Streatham's community-owned power company looking for people to be involved

Streatham Power is a community-owned social enterprise that exists to enable the local community to lead Streatham’s transition to a resilient and zero carbon energy future. It is looking for new people to be involved in its work.

The organisation evolved from initial discussions within Transition Streatham, a local group looking at ways of making Streatham a more sustainable place to live. Streatham Power became a separate not-for-profit company in September 2011.

Its vision is the supply of 100% carbon-neutral energy for the district of Streatham by 2050. It envisages that in the long-term all inhabitants of Streatham will be affected by this project and benefit through lower energy costs and secure energy supplies.

The objectives are:

- To generate local low and zero carbon energy to increase Streatham’s resilience to future energy challenges;

- To set up a community investment scheme focused on sustainable energy available to all individuals, communities and businesses, within and around Streatham, that share our objectives;

- To reduce Streatham’s energy consumption, cost and environmental impact and Streatham's reliance on unsustainable sources of energy.

Specifically, Streatham Power is planning the installation of PV solar panels on a mixture of roofs – public, commercial and residential. It is currently working on some projects in the Streatham area in liaison with our Cooperative and Corporate partners (including Carbon Leapfrog).

If you have skills in the areas of web development, marketing, technical expertise, community outreach or finances it is particularly keen to here from you.

But if you would like to be involved in any capacity, get in touch with Patrick Mansfield (Secretary) patrick.mansfield1 (at) gmail.com

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