Saturday, 2 February 2013

Changes to Gleneldon Mews

When we got the asbestos removed last year from Gleneldon Mews, local businesses along the Mews drew our attention to the state of the road surface and asked whether anything could be done to sort it out.

They had asked for repairs to made a few times. But this area has been neglected by local politicians for a while - possibly because so few people live along the Mews and so they don't consider there are many votes there.

The road is cobbled and riddled with potholes. So we did a street audit, and highlighted the problems that we found, and asked the council whether they could be fixed.

We are pleased to say that work has now begun on the Mews to fix the road surface.

Patches of cobbles are being replaced, which should also deal with the large amounts of surface water that collects there. We have also asked for the area at the top of the road where it meets Gleneldon Road to be leveled off, to provide full access to wheelchair users and those using mobility scooters. This will also help those travelling up the South side of Gleneldon Road.

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