Friday, 19 April 2019

Streatham Hub's future uncertain as council votes to close children's centres

Green Party councillors join protestors at this week's council meeting
Green Party councillors are continuing to fight for the future of Streatham Hub children's centre as Labour-controlled Lambeth Council decided this week to go ahead with the closure of five of its 23 children's centres and drastic cuts to services in seven others.

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The future of Streatham Hub, which is next to Tescos and Streatham Leisure Centre, is uncertain with a further consultation on early years provision in the Streatham area continuing until June 3rd.

The second consultation for Streatham runs from 3rd May to 3rd June.

Green Group councillors have put forward an alternative budget proposal that would enable all 23 children's centres to remain open with their full range of services. They point to the 'reckless' borrowing the council is currently undertaking to fund its estate demolition programme as a cause of need to manage financial risk by massively increasing its reserves.

Cllr Nicole Griffiths: 'The council has a choice'
Councillor Nicole Griffiths (St Leonard’s) said: “The £1.4 million a year needed to keep Children’s Centres open is available to the council.  But instead it has chosen to hugely increase its reserves in an apparent attempt to try and deal with future financial risk. The council should minimise its financial risk, end its estate demolition programme, and instead invest in front-line services. It has a choice not to implement Government cuts. It should take it.

“Research shows that every pound spent on early years care and education reaps benefits later in life. Closing Children’s Centres and cutting services will have a detrimental effect on the most vulnerable members of our community and is a false economy. High quality early years care and education sets children up to thrive at school and beyond."
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