Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Streatham station to be made accessible - but possibly not until 2024

After many years of delays, promised work to make Streatham Station fully accessible to wheelchairs, bikes and buggies is to go ahead - possibly by September 2021 but may not be until March 2024!

The government announced Streatham is to be one of 73 stations to receive "Access for All" funding - 14 years after the scheme was first launched in 2005.

We first reported in 2014 that Green peer Jenny Jones was told in a response to a Parliamentary question that Streatham Station was to receive match-funding from the government for accessiblity funds contributed to Lambeth Council by the developers of Tesco's Hub.

However in 2016 a further Parliamentary question by Jenny Jones revealed “…it has become necessary to defer construction of the Access for All project at Streatham station until after 2019.”

Now, the government has announced that work at deferred stations, including Streatham, will be progressed and "is due to be completed by the end of March 2024".

Meanwhile, Streatham councillor and Green Group leader on Lambeth Council Jonathan Bartley has discovered that the £50,000 money from the Tesco's Hub developers as now been spent elsewhere. He has received assurances from council officers that this money will be replaced and earmarked for accessiblity.

And Streatham Action's Transport Group has received assurances from Network Rail 
that the design stage is underway and Streatham Station "should be made fully accessible by September 2021 - but this can't be guaranteed."

Jonathan Bartley said: "The government has dragged its heels for too long. Streatham needs a fully accessible station now - not tomorrow. The current station is too dangerous or impossible for many people to use - at a time when we are all aware of the urgent need for people to be able to get out of their cars and use public transport instead."

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