Monday, 1 April 2019

Applications open for street parties, Play Streets and Car-Free Day

Thinking of holding a street party, regular Play Street day or a Car Free Day in your neighbourhood this year?  Applications for temporary road closures for 2019 are now open.

Green Party councillors will be urging Lambeth Council to give its full support to temporary road closures as part of its response to declaring a Climate Emergency in the borough - encouraging us all to enjoy the difference when we reclaim our public spaces for children, clean air and enjoyment for all.

Play Streets

Play Streets allow parents to reclaim their road for children to play in. You can apply for a temporary Play Street order to close your road for up to three hours per week or month.The idea is to provide a safe environment free of cars where children can have fun and play near their own home - giving them the space they need to play energetically but safely.

Click here for information about Play Streets

Car-Free Days

Car-Free Day is a worldwide movement encouraging people to ditch their cars for a day and get a taste of what their communities would feel like with fewer cars on the road. Some capital city centres go completely car-free. In 2019 Car-Free Day is 22nd September.

Click here for infomation about Car-Free Day

Street Parties

Street parties can be held as part of a nationwide 'get to me your neighbour' project called Big Lunch - or at any other time thay suits your street

Click here for information about Street Parties 

Deadlines for applications:

 Does the date for your party falls between these dates?

1st May
31st May
1st June
31st August
1st Sept
30th Nov
1st Dec
30th March 

Then you need to get your application in by this date:

6th April
4th May
3rd August
2nd Nov

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