Monday, 19 March 2018

TfL shares two ideas for changes to the A23 in Streatham Hill

TfL shared their latest thinking on plans to change the road layout of the A23 in Streatham Hill at a meeting with local residents last week.

A formal consultation on plans will take place in Autumn/Winter 2018/19;  so this was an attempt to take some inital soundings from the community on two different approaches they are considering.

Option 1: wider bus lanes and footways

Option 2: segregated cycle lanes

Both options would involve removal of the central reservation and straight-accross pedestrian crossings.

The senior people from TfL started by explaining what they are trying to achieve with road-planning in London currently. This includes:
  • As London's population grows, shifting a greater proportion of people's journeys away from cars and to active and less polluting forms of transport: walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Aiming to cut road deaths and serious injuries by cutting speed limits to 20mph and improving safety at juntions.
They also shared some of the data they have gathered on Streatham Hill:

  • While cars and taxis currently make up around two-thirds of the traffic on Streatham Hill, these vehicles account for les than a third of the people being moved.
  • Speeds on the Streatham Hill stretch of the A23 were monitored last year - with more than 4,000 caught breaking in the current 30mph speed limit in one 24-hour period.
  • TfL's strategic cycling analysis has identified the whole A23 corridor through Lambeth as having great potential for cycle juorneys - if made safe.

TfL has earmarked funding to redesign the A23 Streatham Hill between Telford Avenue and Streatham Hill station, with construction pencilled in for late 2019-20.

The full presentation from TfL is viewable as a pdf on the Safer A23 Campaign Facebook page.

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