Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Latest on Streatham High Road works week commencing 12 Feb

Latest news from TfL - thanks to Streatham Action's transport group - about the road works currently causing major disruption on Streatham High Road at St Leonard's Junction:

"The upshot of the Monday morning site meeting between Thames Water and TfL determined that ...  the building of a raised table at the junction of Gleneldon Road and Streatham High Road, alongside part of the work to the triangulated central reservation immediately in front of that junction ... will be able to take place in tandem with the repair to the leaking water pipe by Thames Water on the corner of Gleneldon Road.
"Works commenced at 20:00hrs on Monday, with temporary traffic signals now in operation all the way around the St Leonard’s junction. The work necessitates that all traffic proceeding southbound on Streatham High Road past Gleneldon Road is now subject to a contraflow system around the currently triangulated traffic lights island, which is leading to a substantial build-up of traffic in both directions at the St Leonard’s junction. This phase of the work will continue for a period of 7 days.

"Even at 21:30 hrs, traffic was queuing southbound all the way back to Leigham Avenue, so we can assume that there will be significant traffic jams developing in both directions at the St. Leonard’s junction during the peak periods over the course of the next four days in particular.

"For this phase of the works when Gleneldon Road is closed off to traffic entering from Streatham High Road:
  • Two-way traffic is being allowed on GR all the way up to close to the junction with Streatham High Road
  • The 315 bus route is being diverted."
Many thanks to Neil Salt of Streatham Action's transport group for passing this on this information. 

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