Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Teething problems as Quietway trial begins

Green Councillor Scott Ainslie is calling for better sign-posting as there was some confusion at the start of a trial to close Estreham Road to northbound traffic.

Scott got stuck in directing the traffic on Monday as Lambeth Council and cycling organisation Sustrans introduced a 6-month trial of a safer "Quietway" cycle route through this part of Streatham.

The proposed Quietway 5 would create is a safer cycle route between Waterloo and Croydon. By making cycling safer for less confident cyclists, it aimes to reduce road deaths, cut congestion and dangerous air pollution in the area, tackle climate change and increase health and fitness levels in London. 
In Lambeth its route would run north from Ellison Rd along Estreham Road, under the rail bridge on Potters Lane and then onto Conyer’s Road towards Waterloo. 

But on Monday with Estreham Road closed to traffic heading north from Greyhound Lane, there was increased congestion at the bottom of Pathfield and clearly confusion among road users.

Scott said: "We need far clearer signage to stop traffic turning into Estreham Road from Greyhound Lane. This will stop the congestion of two way traffic at the bottom of Pathfield, which must be a nightmare at the moment for those residents near the bottom of Pathfield.

"It is going to take a week or so for motorists to get used to the idea and hopefully the issues will calm down. Unfortunately, some people have ignored the 'road closed' sign, but not whilst I was there! So I have asked for the Lambeth mobile CCTV unit to visit the site until motorists get used to the new layout.
"Unless you are dropping off at Streatham Common station or need access to the bottom half of Pathfield Road, it is utterly pointless entering Estreham Road from Greyhound Lane; you will only have to drive around again."
During a consultation earlier this year, around 56 per cent of the 139 people who responded supported or partially supported the trial closure of Estreham Road is was being used by over 3000 vehicles on an average working day.

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  1. Really happy with the trial so far. Walking along the pavement was great no irate drivers trying to squeeze past each other. When I took my car out it was longer to get home but happy to make that sacrifice for cleaner and quieter streets. Hopefully people will use their cars less.