Thursday, 9 October 2014

Yellow lines won't be reinstated on Conyers Road

We have received confirmation from Lambeth Council following a request we passed on from residents in September, that the yellow lines will not be resinstated on Conyers Road.

Full question and response as follows:
Q2) The yellow lines at the Potters Lane end of Conyers Rd were meant to be temporary for Network rail work. Are some of the parking spaces to be reinstated, as the flats on the corner of Gleneagle are nearly finished, and there was a move to add new yellow lines futher up and on Fairmile, further reducing spaces?
A2) I am informed by Ian Baker our Delivery Lead that after his discussions with Network rail he can now confirm that we will be resurfacing this carriageway this week  and will ensure the yellow line line is not replaced.

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