Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Streatham Station may be accessible by June 2017

We have now received an update on the proposals to make Streatham Station accessible. (This is something we have been working on for several years - see the history here)

There was £50,000 set aside for Streatham Station as Section 106 money from the Streatham Hub development, but this was not used to follow the proposals that we made with regard to accessibility, so the next option looked to be Access for All funding, which we pursued. Earlier this year it was announced that the Station would indeed get Access for All funding.

Plans have moved on, and it seems that the proposal is to install two lifts (rather than pursue a potentially cheaper option of using the level access that exists from either side of the platforms) and that the scheme could be delivered by June 2017.

However, there seems to be a question mark over whether the funds will be available from the Department for Transport, so we will be pressing the Government to reaffirm its commitment that the Access for All funding is available to make Streatham Station accessible.

This is what Network Rail have told us:

We have launched the project now and have approval from the DfT to complete an option selection report which we are hoping to complete by the end of March 2015. Once this is completed the DfT will review the report and decide whether further funding will be released. This will be down to whether there is a viable option at an affordable cost.

We have been out with Southern Railway and their Access for All Manager to look at the works required. Its likely two lifts will be installed to give step free access to the platforms. Due to the station layout and platform widths this will not be a simple or cheap scheme to deliver. We will be holding a Value Management 1 exercise in the next few weeks to look at the possible options. We will carry out stakeholder consultation in the new year and we are proposing to put up some indicative drawings in the station lobby for people to review. We will also keep the local MP and council up to date with progress.

If a viable option is found and I believe we will have one it then comes down to cost and that’s a decision for the DfT. If we complete the Option Selection Report by the end of March 2015 then we would expect a decision by the DfT by June 2015. If funds are available I would then suggest we are likely to be able to deliver the scheme by June 2017 but that needs to be firmed up and completely depends on the solution agreed on.

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