Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Improvements to piazza area next to Streatham Green

Local Green Cllr Scott and Ainslie and I met with officers yesterday at the new piazza area by Streatham Green (next to the Manor Arms and between Babington Road and Mitcham Lane).

We got confirmation that the two trees would be put in to the new tree pits by 18th October.

We also looked at ways of discouraging traffic from driving across the piazza, which is supposed to be a pedestrian area.

It looks as if we will be able to put two more fixed chairs and an extra tree in there, which will as well as preventing cars from driving across will also provide more seating and greenery.

We also looked at the issue of the weeds growing in the tree pits. There is presently no maintenance contract to deal with shrubs/ flowers/ weeds and general maintenance of the area around the trees. We have asked if this job can be added to the contractors who maintain Streatham Green itself.

Something else we are exploring is how we can support local businesses, like the new Village Cafe, to get tables and chairs out onto the piazza area more - particularly when the new market is happening.

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