Thursday, 30 October 2014

Respond to the Bakerloo Line consultation to keep Streatham's transport links on the agenda

Following a successful local campaign, Streatham has been cited by Transport for London as the area with the greatest demand for improved transport links in the Crossrail 2 consultation report.

This is great news and comes after the Green Party brought together experts at a public meeting to address Streatham’s poor transport.

It has become clear that both the Crossrail 2 project and Bakerloo Line extension won't be coming to Streatham. Sadly many local politicians, including Chuka Umunna, didn't even respond to the Crossrail 2 Consultation, and haven't been pro-active in pushing transport links up the agenda (see here for details).

There is an opportunity now however, to keep Streatham's much-needed transport links on the agenda, by responding to the Bakerloo Line Consultation and making it clear that Streatham needs improvements.

The amazing response to the latest Crossrail 2 consultation got TfL to sit up and take notice. We need to keep up the pressure for better transport links otherwise we will continue to be overlooked. Responding now to the Bakerloo line consultation means we can make the case for extending the Victoria line and improving existing links by getting better, low emission bus links between our rail stations.

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