Friday, 28 February 2020

Tree removal, replacement and more trees for Streatham!

Green councillors have been informed that the following trees have been inspected by a council Arboricultural Officer and are due for removal because of safety concerns:

  1. Abbotswood Road o/s No. 48 : Cherry (small dead tree)
  2. Becmead Avenue o/s No. 5 :  Rowan (small tree excessively diseased by fungus)
  3. Becmead Avenue o/s No. 49-51 : Silver Birch (small dead tree)
  4. Drewstead Road o/s No. 83B :  White Beam (small tree excessively diseased by fungus)
  5. Hoadly Road o/s No. 11: Maple (medium dead tree)
  6. Hoadly Road o/s No. 22: Cherry (medium dead tree)
  7. Mortimer Close (first green island): Cherry (medium dying and unbalanced tree)
  8. Pathfield Road o/s No. 34 :  Whitebeam (small tree excessively diseased heartwood)
  9. Prentis Road o/s No. 47 : Whitebeam (medium dying tree)
  10. Prentis Road o/s No. 56 Rowan (dying and in very poor condition)
  11. Riggingdale Road o/s No. 48: Cherry (excessive lean and pedestrian nuisance)
  12. Woodbourne Avenue o/s 17: Cherry (small excessively diseased tree)
  13. Woodbourne Avenue o/s John Kirk House: Sorbus (small tree excessively hollow)
  14. Woodbourne Avenue o/s Post Office: Cherry (small tree excessively decayed and hollow)
Councillors have has assurances that the trees wil be re-planted during the next planting season starting October 2020 through to April 2021. 

Removal notices will be put on the individual trees to inform residents why the trees are identified for removal & replacement.  Arrangements for parking suspensions to facilitate the tree works will also be made as appropriate.

Green councillors have also been working with the council's officers to identify more places in Streatham where trees can be placed.  In particular officers are keen to identify old locations where trees may have once been, but might have since been paved over.

If you know of a location in Streatham that you think could benefit from having trees please get in touch:,,

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