Monday, 10 February 2020

Consultation opens today on A23 changes in Streatham Hill

TfL wants your views on proposals to transform the A23 Streatham Hill, between Sternhold Avenue and Holmewood Road to make it easier, safer and more pleasant for people to cycle and walk.

This is "phase three" in the work to remove the central reservation on the High Road, as set out in the 2009 "Streatham Masterplan".

It is hoped that the changes will provide benefits for all street users in the area, making it easier to cross busy roads, removing through traffic on some residential roads, offering segregated space for people to cycle and will keep buses running on time.

Some of the measures that will come as part of the scheme - such as the planned 20mph speed limit and segregated cycle lanes - are a major breakthrough for local safety campaigners.

It is really important to make your voice heard and take advantage of the opportunity and make sure the opportunities are not lost as they were in the last stage of works a few years ago.

The consultation will be open between 10 February and 12th April).

The proposals include:

  • 20 mph speed limit
  • Segregated cycle lanes and bus stop bypasses
  • Straight-across pedestrian crossings relocated to be where people want to walk and cross the road
  • Zebra crossings proposed to cross the cycle lane to signalised pedestrian crossings across the main carriageway
  • 2 additional pedestrian crossings
  • Bus lanes maintained or implemented and operational hours extended to between 07:00 - 19:00 Monday to Saturday
  • Changes to side road access including restrictions and closures, redesign and resurfacing
  • Improvements to public realm throughout the route, unlocking areas by removing central brick build planters and planting of new trees and landscaping
  • Changes to parking and loading provision

You can see the proposals in full and respond to the consultation here

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