Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Plans to 'green' Streatham Hill receive positive response from residents

Plans to calm traffic, improve pedestrian and cycle safety and add more greenery to residential streets in Streatham Hill have received a generally warm response from residents.

More than 500 people responded to a public consultation carried out between 21st Sept and 4 November - with a significant majority supporting the proposals. Members of Streatham Green Party team have contributed ideas for the plans, which include:

  • Hillside Passage - greening and accessibility
  • Hillside Road - road safety scheme
  • Faygate Road - road safety scheme
  • Wavertree Road junction with Daysbrook Road - reclaiming wasteland for greening
  • Daysbrook Road junction with Palace Road - new informal pedestrian crossing
  • Telford Avenue - traffic calming
  • Sternhold Road junction with Sternhold Avenue - new planters/bed
The results of this consultation will be used to inform detailed designs, which will be put to the Cabinet member for the environment for approval.

Full consultation report here.

Meanwhile, residents to the east of Streatham Hill are to be consulted again on whether they want a controlled parking zone; parking congestion has worsened considerably since parking controls were introduced to the west of the Streatham Hill.

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  1. In the summer it is so hard to navigate around those areas however the extended curbs and painted walkways help alert drivers to be aware at all times. I love the proactive approach taking with becoming a leader in safety and becoming a sustainable community in terms of the environment. Good work Brett Troop !!traffic calming,traffic calming devices.