Wednesday, 20 September 2017

TfL listens to Streatham on St Leonard's Junction

Transport for London wants to hear your views on its latest proposals to improve safety for pedestrians and other road users at St Leonard's Junction.

Its is proposing to remove the pedestrian crossing located between St Leonard's churchyard and the north side of Gleneldon Road, which is not currently heavily used.

Instead a modern, count-down crossing with a 'green man' will be created on the southern arm of the junction - where there is very high demand from pedestrians, but currently no actual pedestrian crossing. 

A new bus lane is also proposed to ease the flow of buses approaching the junction from Tooting Bec Gardens.

Earlier proposals were widely criticised locally during a public consultation in 2015. These latest plans, which could be implemented as early as January 2018, take into consideration the views of many local people who have been contributing their ideas to road planners over the last year.

In particular, TfL have accepted local residents' suggestion that a proposed ban on right turns into and out of Shrubbery Road should not be implemented immediately. Instead, traffic flow through the remodelled junction will be monitored for 6-18 months to assess whether there has been an impact.

Green Party Cllr Scott Ainslie, who pushed TfL to listen to residents' concerns, said, "This is a welcome improvement for a junction that has blighted lives in Streatham for decades. Many local people have put in time and energy to help transport planners understand the local area and TfL have listened.

"I would like to see better, safer provision for cyclists - as well as pedestrians - at this junction and I will be continuing to urge TfL and Lambeth Council work together to improve safety and the local environment along the whole of the A23 through Streatham."

View the full plans here - and have your say.

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