Thursday, 15 September 2016

Mayor urged to be more transparent over Streatham Crossrail 2 “let down”

News Release 
Caroline Russell
London Assembly Green Party Member

Mayor urged to be more transparent over Streatham Crossrail 2 “let down”

Caroline Russell has called on the Mayor of London to be more open about why a Crossrail 2 station will not be built at Streatham.

At the London Assembly Transport Committee meeting on 13th July 2016, the Deputy Mayor for Transport said that consideration for a Crossrail 2 station at Streatham “was ruled out some years ago.”

Caroline Russell said, “The people of Streatham deserve to know why, yet again, they have been let down when it comes to crucial transport investment. Streatham has already missed out on the Bakerloo and East London Line extensions, on Tramlink, on the Victoria line and Northern Line spurs, on the Overground and on Trams.

Streatham Common is the 6th busiest on the Southern Rail network, and Streatham stations which are at capacity in rush hour won't support the expected population growth.

A Streatham Crossrail 2 station would cut congestion and pollution on local roads - including the dangerous A23 - improving the quality of life for local residents.

I’m calling on the Mayor to be more transparent and to release all modelling work relating to Streatham to Lambeth Council and to Streatham Action’s transport group, as soon as possible.”

Editors Notes

Caroline is available for interview

Caroline Russell was elected as a Green member of the London Assembly in May 2016. She has been a councillor for Highbury East ward in Islington since 2014. 

The written question is available here, and the answer will be provided within one week of the meeting:

The Story in Lambeth

Green Cllr in Lambeth, Scott Ainslie, asked fellow Green, Caroline Russell to ask this of the Mayor as attempts by the community voice for Streatham, Streatham Action, have been thwarted.

Cllr Ainslie & joint Green Party leader, Jonathan Bartley, have been long term campaigners for improved public transport links to Streatham. They met whilst serving on the board of Streatham Action - the community voice for Streatham.

Within months of being elected, Cllr Ainslie called a public meeting to bring all political parties and community groups together to hear what the people of Streatham wanted. They knew that people were tired of professional politicians promising to improve rail/tube/tram links to Streatham during every election campaign only for the issue to disappear until the next election cycle.

The meeting was held in July 2014 and was chaired by life longer transport campaigner, John Stewart. The panel included representatives from all political parties including Darren Johnson (Green GLA).

The people of Streatham agreed overwhelmingly that the matter of improved public transport infrastructure should be driven forward by Streatham Action - which would work on a cross and/or non party basis.

further meeting of Streatham residents, senior local politicians and Council officers in June, 2016 asked for the Mayor and secretary of state for Transport to do a proper, up-to-date assessment of the needs of Streatham, as it came to light that the evidence CR2 had used to base their decision was outdated and did not take into account the 'Streatham Factor' i.e. population growth and station entrance/exits up by over 50% in 6 years. The assessment they made used data from 2009.

Quote from Cllr Ainslie'Streatham has been overlooked for major public transport infrastructure improvements since 1926. The A23 is one of the most congested and polluted route in London. To ease the loading of the Northern Line at Tooting and Balham and Victoria Line at Brixton by Streatham residents, we need CR2 to pass through here. There is a site ready for development and the public support it. It's time the Mayor was open and transparent about the selection process for the route of CR2 in South London.'

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