Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Could you monitor local air pollution?

Are you concerned about air pollution in Streatham? Local Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie is seeking volunteers to monitor nitrogen dioxide outside their home or place of work between October 2016 and April 2017.

When Cllr Scott Ainslie carried out a similar exercise in 2015, pollution levels in Streatham were found to me more than twice the EU legal limit.

Further monitoring now will show if air quality is improving or getting worse. The data collected will help strengthen measures to cut air pollution in the future.

Lambeth Council has teamed up with University College London's Mapping for Change project to provide the diffusion tubes to residents and businesses along with training in how to use them.

The deadline for applying to take part in this project is October 14th. Applications should be made by email to:  lovelambethair@mappingforchange.org.uk, stating:

  • The address where you want to locate a diffusion tube and whether it is your home or where you wor
  • Problems and concerns with air quality in this location and why you would like to carry out the monitoring
  • Your ideas to improve air quality in your local area

If you are selected, every month you will change the diffusion tube, returning the old tube to Mapping for Change, who will send the tube to the lab for analysis.

At the start of the project there will be a workshop to explain how a diffusion tube works and a demonstration of how to change the tube each month. There will be another workshop six months later to discuss the monitoring results.

In 2015 Cllr Ainslie and his team placed diffusion tubes were place in 15 monitoring sites across Streatham. After four weeks the diffusion tubes were collected by UCL's Mapping for Change project  and analysed. The results can be seen here http://new.communitymaps.org.uk/#/project/26?center=51.4926:-0.0625:12&layer=1

More information on taking part from October: http://mappingforchange.org.uk/2016/09/love-lambeth-air/

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