Thursday, 29 January 2015

Streatham's Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme update

After last night's council meeting it came to light that Streatham Hill appears to have been excluded from Streatham's Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme (NEP).  (HT to @shoutstreatham )

Instead the council leader's ward of Thornton has been included.  We are seeking clarification that this is the case, and if so, why.

It has previously been highlighted that the NEP will include money already promised and allocated to Streatham.  If Thornton Ward is now getting a slice of money that should have benefited people in Streatham negatively impacted by the hub development - a lot of local people will feel very upset.

In December we had it confirmed by the Council where the money for the programme is coming from:
"The budget for the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme (NEP) in Streatham is £800k over two years, comprising £572k LIP funding and the remainder being s.106 developer contributions"
The £572,000 Local Implementation Programme (LIP) funding is money from Transport for London given for the implementation of the London's Mayor's transport strategy. The remaining £228,000 is the Section 106 contributions from the hub development.  On this basis not a penny is coming from Lambeth Council.

In a further twist, £250,000 was actually allocated from the hub development for the NEP.  So it seems that £22,000 Section 106 money from the hub development allocated for the NEP in Streatham has also gone missing. 

You can read about the Section 106 money from the Streatham hub development here.

The latest information (in the picture above) states a figure of £1.2m for Streatham's Neighbourhood enhancement programme.  It implies £200,000 for each ward, as our information in December also confirmed.  But this adds up to £800,000, not £1.2 million.

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