Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Proposed new route for Quietway through Streatham

We want to make Streatham the most cycle-friendly place in London, and we asked Transport for London to clarify the route for the proposed new Waterloo to Clapham (via Clapham Common) Quietway, which will go through Tooting and Streatham.  (For more info on Quietways see here)

We have received the following response with a map:

The proposed route for the Waterloo to Clapham (via Clapham Common) Quietway is as follows:

Bayliss Rd, Hercules Rd, Sail St, Newport St, Vauxhall Walk, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, S Lambeth Rd, Lansdowne Gardens, Larkhall Lane, Clapham Manor St, Bromwells Rd, Clapham Common, Nightingale Walk, Malwood Rd, Cathles Rd, Cavendish Rd, Tooting Common, Tooting Bec Rd (bridleway), Riggindale Rd, Conyers Rd, Estreham Rd, Ellison Rd, Norbury Ave, Brook Rd, Boswell Rd, Pitt Rd, Mayo Rd, The Crescent, Sydenham Rd.


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  2. Getting from "Tooting Bec Rd (Bridleway)" to Riggindale Road is currently extremely unpleasant. Without serious engineering, I can't see how they can make this safe for children. It would be good to monitor the plans as regards that transition very carefully. It's not even safely possible to do on the pavement at the moment as there is no green man phase crossing the relevant roads.