Monday, 26 January 2015

Collision on Mitcham Lane last night and road closure

The collision on Mitcham Lane last night
There was another traffic collision last night on Mitcham Lane, at the junction with Conyers Road and Riggindale Road, outside Streatham Methodist Church.

Thank you to Adrian Gatton, a local resident, who sent us this picture.

I have spoken to police this morning, and have been told that three individuals were in the car which was travelling north along Mitcham Lane.  All had apparently consumed significant amounts of alcohol.  The car came over the bridge and turned over, and hit a couple of pedestrians, and the caught fire.  Police did not know if the car was stolen

There are no fatalities yet reported. However, the three individuals in the car were apparently seriously hurt, and at least one is in intensive care.

Mitcham Lane still shut this morning although police have finished their work
Mitcham Lane was closed between Ambleside Avenue and Conyers Road/ Riggindale Road this morning.  Police say they did all they needed to do after the collision last night, and the road was only remaining closed because Lambeth Council had still not arrived.

One lamp post needs to be looked at, and there is small bit of damage to the road surface (all within the bit cordoned off in the picture to the right).

There does not seen to be any reason why the whole road needs to be shut.  This has had a huge knock-on effect on traffic in the area, and means that police have to stay there until council officers arrive to take over.

We are chasing council officers to sort it out.

We are also continuing our long-running campaign to sort out this very dangerous stretch of road.

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