Monday, 1 December 2014

MP's office told Streatham wasn't being considered for Bakerloo Line extension in 2011

A quick update on the tube...

It's now emerged that Transport for London told Chuka Umunna's office that Streatham wasn't being considered for a Bakerloo Line extension in 2011.  You can read the correspondence here.

It does seem to contradict the sudden "surprise" and "alarm" Chuka Umunna expressed in the Evening Standard a couple of months ago that Streatham wasn't being considered.  (read the article here)

It also begs the questions why:

(i) According to TfL the Streatham MP didn't meet with TfL for three years after this, and

(ii) Why there appears to be no other record at TfL of any other correspondence on the Bakerloo  Line for three years after this...

...if he was really trying to get a Bakerloo line extension for Streatham?

The only Parliamentary questions tabled on the subject are from 2010, and after we challenged him over it in 2014.

It does seem very much that there has been no lobbying at all to get the tube here, despite the Streatham MP being elected on a promise to "build up a head of steam" on it.

We already know that he didn't respond to the Crossrail 2 consultation.   We also know that, according to TfL:
Crossrail Ltd have not met Chuka Umunna in his capacity as the local MP for Streatham, nor to discuss route and station proposals for Crossrail 2.
( See here for more details)

All very disappointing.  Streatham deserves better,

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