Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Have your say on the Oval to Streatham walking and cycling changes


TfL have begun a consultation on the recent walking and cycling changes made over the past few months. Please share your views on the experimental scheme by taking part in this survey

It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The consultation on the scheme is open for six months. TfL expect views and experiences could change over time so it’s possible to respond more than once if you wish to. 


  1. So many residents are upset about road changes and the process used by the councils. False baseline data, fudged data, giving some roads quiet roads whilst displacing traffic to main roads and boundary roads. They don’t care. You have made £5 million in fines! Spend that on good pavements and stop listening to cycling and Liveable street groups who are oblivious to keeping businesses running and the need for transport. You are killing business and making life hell for residents! Start listening to your residents and not lobby groups.

  2. LTN- just scrap the lot. They cause more harm than good for everybody in the end. Roads are so quiet at night One can not walk alone at night. Bordering roads have traffic increased unnecessarily. Prices for delivery cabs, mini cabs, any builder, plumber and so forth add charges to the bill..... they are badly planned, not coordinated and disadvantage most people caught up in this ill conceived scheme.

  3. Concerns about the new scheme and the direct impact it is having on the local community. There as been a real lack of support from local counsellors and almost a silence if you disagree with the model. This effects is all and rather than try and out some modifications in place at least to show that constituents views matter residents and all those that are effected by the LTN's are just ignored and the local authority are moving full steam ahead. Consultation feels very much like a tick box exercise rather than one that wants to really take into consideration views and make changes to best meet the needs of the many.