Monday, 31 January 2022

Open letter: Make Potters Lane underpass safer


Streatham St Leonard's Ward Councillors open letter to make Potters Lane, SW16, safe


Heads of Public Protection in Lambeth

Wandsworth Community Safety Team 
Metropolitan Police Service

Network Rail (Public Affairs manager)




Furzedown Ward Councillors (Wandsworth)

Streatham St Leonard's Ward Councillors (Lambeth)

Chair of Streatham Action

Chair, St Leonard’s Safer Neighbourhood Cttee

To Whom it may Concern

We are writing to you following two incidents in this area over the past ten days. We are extremely concerned that people using the two underpasses - Potters Lane/Eardley Road and Potters Lane/Estreham Road feel safe when they do so.

Residents in this area are calling on the public protection teams at Lambeth and Wandsworth Borough Councils, Network Rail and the Metropolitan Police Service to work closely together to swiftly ensure public safety at this borough boundary which crosses Network Rail land.

On Friday, 14 January at 13.10hrs,  a 27-year-old woman, who was jogging, sustained a head injury and remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition, after being severely assaulted in Potters Lane, close to Estreham Road, SW16.  CAD ref: 4408 14January.


Another female was assaulted in the Potters Lane underpass that runs between Eardley Road in Wandsworth and Estreham Road in Lambeth on 25th January, 2022 at 17.20hrs. CAD ref: 5725 25jan


These two attacks, just a week apart are understandably causing alarm to many of those who use the underpass including commuters, families taking their children to school and nurseries and shoppers.


We urge you to come forward with an action plan to set out how these residents can feel safe when using this area. 


Streatham St Leonard's Ward Cllrs

Scott Ainslie

Nicole Griffiths

Jonathan Bartley


Green Party – Streatham, St Leonard’s Ward

London Borough of Lambeth



T: @GreenPartyScott

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  1. Just a couple of points about accuracy. In your account of the first assault, you say it happened in Potters Lane close to Estreham Road, SW16. So I understand from this that it didn't happen in the underpass itself but in Potter's Lane, leading up to or away from the underpass. And you say that the second assault took place in the Potters Lane underpass that runs 'between Eardley Road in Wandsworth and Estreham Road in Lambeth'. In fact this stretch covers BOTH underpasses, as you identified earlier, with one running from Potters Lane to Eardley Road and the other from Potters Lane to Estreham Road. So the first assault took place in Potter's Lane, not in an underpass, and we don't know which underpass the second assault took place in. All this is important in telling us whether one underpass is more dangerous than the other and/or if Potter's Lane is just as dangerous as both the underpasses.