Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Useful Resources Update

The National Education Union have launched a microsite to support parents, carers and students.
The site contains information on key areas of concern for parents and families, including the impact of the cancellation of exams and Government test, learning outside school and supporting children’s health and wellbeing.

Lambeth council’s helpline for vulnerable people operates from 8am to 8pm, enabling people who need help (or those caring or concerned for them) to contact the council as part of the Community Hub.

The helpline number is 020 7926 2999.

For up to date information on what the council is doing concerning coronavirus covid-19 emergency response, please go to:

Volunteer for the council

Many local residents are registering with groups like COVID-19-mutual-aid on WhatsApp and Facebook to help with contacting households at the doorstep.

For those who would like to volunteer through the council the application form is here : form

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