Monday, 21 August 2017

Have your say on threatened closure of Streatham's police base

Jonathan Bartley and Cllr Scott Ainslie: keeping police in Streatham

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is consulting on plans to close all Lambeth's police stations, except Brixton and Gipsy Hill. The police base in Streatham, opened only two years ago at the cost of £500,00 would be lost, under the mayor's plans.

See the plans and have your say here.

 Local dad and Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley has launched a petition to save Streatham's police base.

Sign the petition here.

Jonathan, who sucessfully campaigned alongside Cllr Scott Ainslie to keep a police presence in Streatham, said: "The London Mayor isn't pretending he has to make these cuts.  He says he wants to close Streatham's police base as part of his programme to sell expensive, underused buildings and divert resources from where they are no longer needed.  But this makes no sense. Streatham's new police base is well used, efficient and cheap to run.

"Less than three years ago, the community won its battle to keep police in Streatham with investment of hundreds of thousands of pounds in a new, accessible and upgraded police base.  To close it now would be a monumental waste, financially illiterate, and end up costing far more in the long run to deal with the increased cost of crime. The London Mayor must think again."

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