Monday, 27 February 2017

Police promise to act on bus garage parking hazard

Hazardous parking by buses outside the bus garage at Streatham Hill is to be addressed by the police, after Streatham's Green Team raised the issue.

The problem of buses parking on both sides of of Streatham Hill near the junctions with Wavertree Road and Telford  Avenue has been endangering pedestrians and other road users for over a year, but has worsened in recent months, affecting all those who travel into Streatham from Brixton direction.

Some evenings in February more than 20 buses have been counted parking illegally on the Red Route.  This causes hazards by:
* blocking the entrance to the garage, forcing pedestrians out onto the busy A23
* forcing cyclists to move into the outer lanes of the carriageway
* blocking the view of motorists emerging from side roads onto the A23

A year ago Streatham Greens and the Safer A23 in Streatham Campaign highlighted the problem during a visit to Streatham by senior metoropolitan police traffic officers, who said they would look into the issue.

With no improvement since then, we have now raised the matter again. Police say this must not continue and will visit again - to raise the matter with manager of the bus garage.

We will keep you posted!

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  1. I've had too many infuriating near misses on my bike coming out of Telford Avenue onto the southbound. Those buses parked outside Winkworths make that bend completely blind. What seems infuriating is the sizes of their two garages nearby! I hope this gets sorted.