Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Local people misled over new Streatham police station

A week ago, Streatham Lib Dems put out a leaflet claiming that the new police station on Streatham High Road 'faced the axe' because its lease only had 15 months to run.

This is completely untrue. A document, signed by the deputy London Mayor for Policing and Crime Stephen Greenhalgh, states clearly that the lease runs until 2024:

The lease runs until 2024, and can then be renewed.

Dozens of new police stations around the country are now taken on under leasing arrangements, with the option to renew the lease, as this means that money can be spent on local policing and getting police out in the community, rather than redundant old buildings.

£500,000 is being spent on creating the new police station. The document also puts paid to a number of other Lib Dem falsehoods. It confirms that the new police station will:

• Have the same number of local police officers as the existing police station.

• Provide all the services of the existing police station.

• Open for the same hours as the existing police station.

• Have upgraded police facilities with two new front counters accessible to the whole community.

It is scandalous that Lib Dem councillors continue to mislead local people in this way. The old police station is virtually empty and falling apart. It is not considered by police to be fit for purpose, being inaccessible inside and out because of its old design with several areas derelict. Police have to use portacabins to change and shower in as the facilities are so poor. But Lib Dem councillors have blocked the new, improved police station since it was first proposed in 2006, for what appears to be purely political reasons, implying to local people that Streatham could lose its police presence.

Local people should be told the truth by their local councillors about what is really going on. Streatham needs the open, community policing that the police service wants to introduce. It is common sense to support what the police are asking for. The new police station means that resources will now go into policing, rather than old, expensive buildings.

You can read the document in full here

Printed and published by J.Bartley on behalf of S.Ainslie, R.Laurence and J.Bartley on behalf of Lambeth Green Party, 21 Tooting Bec Gardens, SW16 1QY.

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