Friday, 2 May 2014

Another Streatham High Road fatality

The local Guardian has named the elderly man killed on Streatham High Road last month.

The Guardian reports:

A driver has been arrested and released on bail after an elderly man was killed in a road collision in Streatham last week.

Police said the 85-year-old man was mowed down by a van in Streatham Hill, near the junction with Telford Avenue, involving a van and a pedestrian, on Tuesday, April 22.

Sri Lankan-born Kaluarachige Kodituwakku, who lived nearby, later died at St George's Hospital.

We have highlighted the issue of speeding on the High Road at this point in a previous posts.

For more historical data (specifically around the point of the latest fatality) see:

For more recent speeding data see:

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