Sunday, 9 February 2014

No Junk Mail Stickers

A couple of weeks ago, we distributed about 4,000 'No Junk Mail' stickers to local residents, along with a flyer giving some tips on how to cut down on junk mail from various sources including Royal Mail. There is a good website which lists some of the ways you can do it here.

We have been back to see what the take up has been, and it seems that around a third of residents we gave them too are now displaying the stickers, which is a very good take up rate. In some flats (see the picture to the left) almost every resident has put them up on their post boxes.

We realise that they don't completely stop junk mail, but they do make a difference, particularly when used on conjunction with other ways of cutting out unwanted mail. (Incidentally, we also asked residents if they would prefer not to receive our literature through their doors. We are happy to report that no one asked not to receive our mailings!)

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