Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Streatham Common Bridge to re-open on 7 May

The bridge on Greyhound Lane by Streatham Common station which has been closed since November 2012 is to reopen two months early.

The bridge was closed to vehicles while Network Rail extended platforms at the station underneath to allow for longer trains. Sections of the bridge had to be removed and replaced to accommodate the longer platforms below.

They was huge criticism for the council and Network Rail from local people, for the lack of notice given. Businesses in particular had no time to prepare for the huge impact it has had. The Streatham Bridge Business Association estimates that the local economy has lost around £19 million because of the closure.

The bridge was originally due to reopen to one way traffic from the end of April with a full reopening at the end of July.

After pressure from local residents and businesses however, Network Rail has been in discussion with Lambeth Council and the local business association, and agreed the bridge will reopen fully to traffic on Tuesday 7 May.

When we went around the area this morning letting people know, there were, as you might expect, lots of smiles at the news.

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