Sunday, 21 April 2013

Road audit of Gleneagle Road

We have written to residents of Gleneagle Road following the road audit we carried out earlier in the year and our recent follow-up inspection.

Residents got in in touch with us and asked if we would carry out an audit. Of particular concern were certain sections of the pavement with broken and cracked paving stones, as well as a number of potholes - particularly at the end near Conyer's Road.

We asked the council to fix a number of potholes. Whilst some were repaired, our follow up inspection last week revealed that a few had been missed, and a few more had formed. We have therefore asked Lambeth to fix these urgently – specifically the ones outside nos 63, 104, 141,145 and 165 as well as at the junction with Conyers Road where the road surface is breaking up badly.

We also asked the council to repair the pavements which are in a terrible state. So far the council is resistant but we will continue to lobby for them.

We have however managed to get new ramp access put in at the bottom of Gleneagle Road (where it meets Conyers Road) for wheelchair users, older people and anyone using a mobility scooter. This will also help anyone pushing a buggy or pram. This has been done at other junctions on Conyers Road too.

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