Monday, 11 March 2013

Road audit of Kingscourt Road

We have just delivered letters to Kingscourt Road, letting local residents know about the road audit we recently carried out.

The audit, requested by local residents, was carried out earlier in the year. We asked for several potholes to be repaired. Whilst a couple were filled in, our follow-up inspection last week showed that several had still to be done. There are particular areas outside number 10 and number 53. We will keep pushing the council to repair them.

We have also asked the council to repair several sections of paving which are cracked, broken and raised up, and are causing a hazard to pedestrians. These include areas up near Streatham High Road, as well as outside numbers 37, 42, 71, 76, 87 and 94 Kingscourt Road. This is proving more problematic, and the council appears reluctant to fix them.

We also asked for the graffiti outside number 88 to be removed.

[Update 17th April 2013: Lambeth have confirmed that the graffiti has now been removed]

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