Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Road audit and repairs to Moorcroft Road

At the beginning of the year, following a request by local residents, we conducted a street audit of Moorcroft Road.

At both the junctions at the bottom and top of Moorcroft Road we asked the council to fix the potholes. Our follow up inspection last week revealed that this has not yet been done. We will continue to push the council until the potholes have been sorted out. (We have also informed the council of another pothole outside number 10 which needs fixing).

We have also asked for proper ramp access to be put in where Moorcroft Road meets Norfolk House Road, as the area is inaccessible to those using wheelchairs. We have contacted Thames Water about the blocked drain on this corner as well.

There are also a number of broken paving stones, most notably outside number 19, as well as some paving stones which are sticking up causing a trip hazard. We have asked for these to be fixed. Finally, we have asked if the lines and lettering of the disabled bay can be repainted and have drawn the council’s attention to the insecure lamp post near the bottom of the road.

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